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This unofficial Minnesota Facilitators Network (MFN) Web site is maintained by to document the history of the MFN during the year that he served as Steering Committee Co-Chair. 

Here is the link to the official MFN Web site.

What’s Next? — 2006 and beyond

The facilitators’ vision: The spirit flourishes

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Resource Library

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IAF Report-Out — October 11, 2005


Jean Houston, Ph.D. — September 23–25, 2005

Social Artist as World Server: A Multidimensional Learning Experience

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Facilitated Planning — August 18, 2005 & September 10, 2005


Visioning Download (25 KB PDF file)
Obstacles and Strategies Download (50 KB PDF file)

Meeting Notes

Steering Committee Meeting — May 16, 2005


Steering Committee Values Statement — June 6, 1995

Contributed at the December 2004 Future of MFN Work Session.  Download (75 KB PDF file)
Download below the full governance document that contains this statement.

IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Facilitators

View or download the IAF online version.
Reformatted version for printout on a single double-sided page.  Download (50 KB PDF file)

MFN Co-chair's Personal Values Statement

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MFN Steering Committee Roster

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LinkedIn chief executive and co-founder Reid Hoffman: “Everyone knows that the best jobs come through people’s networks.”

The New York Times, May 9, 2005, Skeptics Take Another Look at Social Sites by Gary Rivlin.

Wise Sages Meeting — Tuesday May 3, 2005

Agenda Download (50 KB PDF file)
Meeting Notes Download (125 KB PDF file)

What’s Beyond One-On-One Coaching?: An Introduction to Group Facilitation Skills — Tuesday May 24, 2005

Steering Committee Meeting — April 12, 2005


Meeting Notes

Celebration: Organizational and Personal Practices — Thursday March 31, 2005

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Event Orchestration Download (125 KB PDF file)
Event Notes Download (100 KB PDF file)

Steering Committee Meeting — March 8, 2005

ODNet Partnership

What are some similarities and differences between Facilitation, Coaching, and Organizational Development?  Read an excerpt from Facilitator John Borgen’s thought provoking article.  Download (50 KB PDF file)

LinkedIn for Groups

Why use LinkedIn for Groups?  Download (600 KB PDF file)
What activities are required for launch and management?  Download (100 KB PDF file)

Meeting Notes

These notes include brief biographies of all the Steering Committee members.

Steering Committee Conference Call — February 17, 2005


Evening with Milt Toratti — Tuesday February 15, 2005

Biographical Sketch Download (75 KB PDF file)
Milt Toratti's Master Facilitation Points Download (100 KB PDF file)

Putting Light on Rituals: The Rituals of Meetings — Tuesday January 18, 2005

Rites of Change Handout Download (50 KB PDF file)
Visit Ellen Hufschmidt's Rites of Change Web site.

Meeting Notes

Future of MFN Work Session — December 14, 2004


Evite Preview
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Evite Poll Preview
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Experience the look and feel of the original Evite that announced this event.  Read all the interesting comments left by both attendees and non-attendees before the event.  Review the Evite poll results.  (View and/or download right here under Evite.)

Event Design

Event Design Preview
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The above Event Design document refers to the “Present Reality” document (download below under Wall of Wonder).  Here is the agenda for the evening.

ODNet Partnership Subgroup

Partnership Preview
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Minnesota Organization Development Network (ODNet) and MFN have had similar root concerns, growing out of the foundations of human development.  The ODNet has focused more on frameworks and MFN has focused more on Design and Process.  This subgroup saw both organizations coming together to explore “New Horizons” to identify and create something new that the larger community needs.  They recommended that the MFN to go forward in a transition mode with self-supporting events drawn from the August ’04 plan for 2005 sessions (download below under Wall of Wonder), initiate, and continue dialogues with the leadership of ODNet to explore new possibilities for serving the respective communities.  In this subgroup Kathy Curran represented ODNet.  Kathy has since reported back that ODNet is waiting for a formal invitation from MFN to have a dialog about if/how the two organizations might join.  Another member of this subgroup, Ginny Belden-Charles, subsequently met Kathy and they reported back that they would be happy to develop a process to propose to both organizations.

“Who Are We?”  Subgroup

Competencies Preview
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IAF Web version  (non-printable)
IAF PDF version  (4 pages)

The Event Design document (above under Event Design) describes an overall process for rejuvenating MFN.  During the Future of MFN Work Session we conducted a 45 minute MFN Mission and Vision Mini-Brainstorm to tap this subgroup’s wisdom on the question: “What about facilitation resonates so strongly for us?” At least two preexisting documents are highly relevant to this question:  1. The IAF statement of Foundational Facilitator Competencies (right here under “Who Are We?”).  2. The MFN Steering Committee Values Brainstorm, see the Governance document (right below under Governance) pages 1.6–1.7.


Governance Preview
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 Number Pages: 44

Minnesota Facilitators Network Operating Assumptions, Guidelines, Procedures, Policies, and By-Laws.


Minnesota Facilitators Network Articles of Incorporation Filing Number 1J-815 at the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State.  (Public Information Lines: 651-296-2803 or 1-877-551-6767.)  All nonprofit corporations governed under Minnesota Statutes 317A are required to file an annual renewal once every calendar year.  NOTICE: Failure to file by December 31st will result in the dissolution of the corporation without further notice from the Secretary of State, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 317A.823, subdivision 2, paragraph (b).  Before the December 31st deadline the annual renewal can be filed online, otherwise download, complete, print, and mail the Nonprofit Corporation Annual Renewal form and, if necessary, the Notice of Change of Registered Office/Registered Agent form.

2005 Filing
Nonprofit Corporation Annual Renewal  Download  (150 KB PDF file)
Notice of Change of Registered Office  Download  (150 KB PDF file)

Wall of Wonder — October 28, 2004

Present Reality

Present Reality Preview
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Historical Scan

Historical Scan Preview
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Proposed 2005 Calendar

Calendar Preview
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