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Work Session on the Future of the MFN
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From John Farrell & Chris Haydock
Location Sweeney's Saloon & Cafe
96 North Dale Street,Saint Paul,MN View Map
When Tuesday, December 14, 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Phone 651-221-9157
Minnesota Facilitators Network

In late October a group of 15 MFN members, including several founding members, met to celebrate the MFN's 10th anniversary and assess its current state. We found much to celebrate. We have accomplished a lot in the past ten years. We also acknowledged that MFN cannot move forward or even continue to exist without significant revision of its current strategy and operations. The current leadership of MFN asked two volunteers to help. Chris Haydock and John Farrell volunteered to facilitate a work session that will determine the future of MFN. At this meeting we will create a new strategy, explore new operational forms, and volunteer to fulfill leadership roles in the new MFN. Questions we would like you to consider prior to attending this meeting include:

What is the purpose of MFN?
What goals should MFN aspire to achieve?

What do I want to get out of my MFN membership?
What am I willing to do to help MFN grow?

What kinds of programs will enable us to achieve our organizational and personal goals?
What form should MFN assume?
• Continue its 501(c)(3) non-profit status with existing MFN ByLaws
• Adopt a less formal structure, such as a Directed Learning Community, perhaps along the lines of the Heartland Institute's Art of Convening.


Will MFN continue to exist?

We need to know who can show up for this work session. In the below Reply Here box please click on the appropriate buttons to let us know if you will attend. We also need to understand how committed you are to continuing your membership and participating in programs. In the below Reply Here box please select your response to each question. When you're done don't forget to click the Post Your Reply button at the bottom of the box.

If you are having problems responding to this Evite from your browser, please RSVP directly to Chris Haydock or John Farrell.

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Because of the large number of invitees -- the responses have been condensed (Use the links to expand any section)

  • John Farrell & Chris Haydock (The Organizers)
  • Ginny Belden-Charles (12/15)
    HI Chris - I plan to be at the meeting fro at least the first hour and a half tonight. Kathy Curran wil be attending from the ODNet. I briefly spoke with Jim Smith who is a good friend of mine about the merger option. I believe ODNet is open to this. I would be happy to help in bringing this about. I am also supportive of the MFN re-energizing and streamlining to continue as the MFN. See you t...
  • John Farrell (12/14)
  • Mary Lange (12/14)
    I will be there with checkbook.
  • Beth Glommen (12/13)
    I will try to make it.
  • MerryJo DeMarais (12/13)
    attending later, earlier meeting.
  • Wayne Lindholm (12/13)
  • Karen Krinsky-Leon (12/9)
  • kmcurran   (12/9)
    Anne Sturdivant and Jim Smith asked me to attend to represent the ODN (I'm on the board). I understand you've talked with Jim/Anne about exploring options with us. I'm coming to listen and participate as I can!
  • Olav Maehle (12/8)
  • Peter Fish (12/7)
  • Kimberly Johnson (12/7)
  • Jay McManus (12/6)
    Kudos to both of you for stepping up at this critical time.
  • Cheryl Kartes (12/3)
    Dear Chris and John, I'm planning to come. I understand it's at Sweeney's 6:30pm Dec 14th. I couldn't make this link work (got a blank screen) probably need to try another route, but I don't have time right now. See you there! CK
  • Judy Sharken-Simon (12/3)
    I'll put it on my calendar, but need to yet negotiate how many evening events I can be at that week with my partner!
  • Linda Johnson (12/3)
    Thanks John and Chris for organizing this event. I look forward to participating!
  • Linda Alton (12/2)
  • Lisa Hinz (12/2)
  • Jeff Shaw (12/2)
  • Christy James (12/2)
    Thank you for organizing this meeting and providing a fun and interactive way to get involved!
  • Kathy McGrane (12/2)
    Looks like you have already been really working on organizing this workshop. thank you.
  • Sue Laxdal (12/1)
    thanks for doing this
  • Christopher Haydock (12/1)
    It's easy to take the Reply Here poll!
  • Brian Lassiter (12/15)
    Thank you for this invitation.  While I could not attend this evening’s planning meeting, I applaud MFN for taking the initiative to “rediscover” itself (in many ways, we went through a similar process a couple of years ago).  I sincerely hope that a vision will emerge.  Please keep me posted and please let me know if the Minnesota Council for Quality can be of assistance in any way. Brian
  • Bill Hannon (12/14)
    I won't be in attendance tonight, as I can't make any of the commitments requested/needed at this time, but can be counted upon for continuing membership fee support and probable future attandence at selected events, if a path forward emerges from your considerations.Best wishes for a productive gathering. Bill Hannon
  • Esther Sykora (12/14)
    I couldn't find an active link. I do want to see MFN return to what it was when I joined, so I added my comments. I hope it helps. Organizational. I have thought about the purpose of MFN for about 20 minutes and I don't know. This might be part of the problem. I should know! MFN's goal should be to nuture the profession of facilitation. Personal. I want to learn more about fa...
  • Susan Hawkins (12/13)
    I'm so sorry I won't be able to come!  There is a community meeting that I need to attend as member of my condo association board.
  • Mary Aschenbrener (12/13)
  • Andrea Baker (12/13)
  • Maggie Powers (12/13)
    Sorry. Best of luck.
  • Nancy Novak (12/13)
    Thank you for taking this on. MFN is sure to be stronger, the interactive process is already exciting.
  • Glenda Eoyang (12/13)
    The meeting sounds fascinating. Sorry I have another commitment. Hope it goes well. Happy Holidays to all! Glenda
  • Sean Gavere (12/13)
    What a great idea! I am sorry that I will be unable to attend this event! Keep me informed of future events!
  • Terry Christiansen (12/12)
    Sorry I cannot make it. My love and blessings to all for the future of MFN.
  • Diane Lynch (12/12)
    John and Chris-- I apologize, but this is the last week of classes and I have several papers and a final this week.   Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you, but am still interested in helping in an ad hoc capacity, as you need me. Thank you for your hard work with this!   I trully hope it all goes well! Diane
  • Curt Micka (12/12)
    Can't attend. Sorry. Would have liked to make it. curt
  • Sherry Lampman (12/12)
  • Barbara Kellett (12/12)
    Best wishes as you plan for the future. I'm sorry I will not be able to join you.
  • Jennifer Welch (12/11)
    I have a board meeting that evening so I won't be available to attend.
  • Linda Hoskins (12/10)
    I am interested in hearing more about how ODN and MFN might develop a closer relationship.
  • Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien (12/7)
    Daughter has a school orchestra concert
  • Pam Hull (12/7)
  • Nancy Cosgriff (12/7)
    I have been on the fringe of MFN and attended only a few meetings. I know Ginny personally and wanted to support this organization. I want to see it continue but my involvement probably wouldn't be very great. I find that time and distance are a barrier. Thank you for efforts in engaging people to move forward!
  • Esther Derby (12/7)
    I have a previous commitment and will not be able to attend.
  • Kay Hocker (12/7)
  • Mary Rice (12/7)
  • Sue Tullar (12/7)
  • Monica Herrera (12/6)
    Sorry but I have a client gig that night
  • Jennifer Charpentier (12/6)
  • Louise Miner (12/6)
    I'm sorry I will be unable to attend this meeting.  I will be singing at the Minnesota Women's Prison in Shakopee that night. I’m unable to take on any more commitments at this time.  I hate how that sounds, but unfortunately it is true for me.  I am grateful for this organization and hope it will continue to exist but I do not have the time / energy to be in any kind of a leadership or...
  • Lynda VanDriel (12/6)
    I am not able to respond to the online poll.
  • Louise Lentz (12/6)
    I am unable to attend this meeting, but am interested in the continuation of MFN. I am a newer member and have attended only one session, which was extremely worthwhile. I look forward to participating in additional learning experiences.
  • Judith Olson (12/5)
  • Edie Meissner (12/3)
  • Hope Esparolini (12/2)
    Thanks for the invitation but I cannot come -- simply on overload that week since I am out of town the whole week before. week of 12/6. Wish I could be though. I LOVE MFN!!!
  • Sarah Riddle (12/2)
    Sadly, I have a class that evening. I am interested in becoming more involved with MFN, but at this time, I can't commit due to other commitments.
  • Larry Wannebo (12/2)
    Sorry, too long a drive for a few hours in an evening meeting. I'm 160 miles away. I trust you will make wise decisions.
  • Ron Cottone (12/2)
    I will be facilitating that evening. I plan on renewing my membership for 2005.
  • Amy Johnson (12/2)
    My son has a choir concert that evening.
  • Ross Hammond (12/1)
    Hi, Unfortunately I will be in New York on business that week. I am however very committed to MFN and would like to continue to attend meetings and help organize and do other work as necessary. Thanks, Ross Hammond
  • Bev Lutz (12/1)
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