Christopher Haydock PhD

Adventure Education

Go with the flow
Timing is crucial

—Edgar H. Schein1

The wilderness of the Southwest’s river canyons has profoundly influenced my relationships with people and the environment.  Here I first found inner peace and felt the powerful love of helping educators.

Lower Granite Gorge

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Christopher Haydock Kayak Grand Canyon Lower Granite Gorge Travertine Eddy

Dan Fagre (photography) and Eric Walter (soundtrack)

Turning out into the Grand Canyon main current.

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Christopher Haydock turning out into the main current from ‘The Eddy’ at Travertine Side Canyon of the Lower Granite Gorge of the Grand Canyon.²  Field trip by Prescott College Adventure Education—renowned for outdoor experiential education and wilderness leadership.


  1. Edgar H. Schein, Process consultation revisited: Building the helping relationship, (Addison-Wesley, 1999), principles 6 and 7, ISBN: 020134596X
  2. Video slide show photographs taken by Dan Fagre on Saturday November 18, 1972.  Soundtrack is Eric Walter’s “Mount Desert Island” from the album Ruin Sky, (Desert Time Records, 1994).